Solidaire fietsuitdaging

Iedereen rijdt voor Kivu!

 5 september 2021 - 12:00  Louvain-la-Neuve

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30km - family friendly

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Wat is Bike for Kivu ?

Op zijn fiets, Kivu te helpen

Bike for Kivu is een gesponsorde fietsrace, georganiseerd in Louvain-la-Neuve, om duurzame ontwikkelingsprojecten in de Kivu-regio (DRC) te financieren.


Alles over de race !

Het Bike for Kivu roadbook is er: ontdek alle details van de uitzonderlijke dag die we voor u voorbereiden op 5 september.

U kunt zelfs de routes downloaden als u ze vooraf wilt bekijken en ze in uw favoriete app wilt opslaan.

Bike for Kivu is een samenwerking van 5 verenigingen die actief zijn in de ontwikkeling van Kivu


Hoe kan ik met mijn bedrijf deelnemen?

Als uw bedrijf uw team wil steunen door het inschrijvingsgeld te financieren of door deel te nemen aan de fondsenwerving van de leden, neem dan contact met ons en wij zullen met plezier uw teampagina aanmaken.


Heb ik een speciale fiets nodig om deel te nemen?

Nee. Bike for Kivu is een familiefietsevenement. Alle soorten fietsen zijn welkom. Zelfs elektrische fietsen. Houd er echter rekening mee dat het Mountainbike weg niet geschikt is voor racefietsen of stadsfietsen.

  • Our projects

    Financing Tumaini Coffee

    Tumaini Coffee Cooperative, created in 2015, is active in Miti Kabare, about twenty kilometres from Bukavu in South Kivu province. It is made up of 491 men and 953 women and is magnificently managed by the latter. The cooperative is now hampered in its development by the lack of infrastructure. The challenge for Comequi: to be able to participate up to 50% in the construction of a microstation (pulping machine, decantation tanks, drying tables,...) for the processing of coffee in order to further improve the quality of the product and to ensure that the coffee growers get a fair price for their production.

    Comequi seeks to empower the rural population on the shores of Lake Kivu to carry out sustainable development actions on their own, in order to increase their income and improve their living conditions.

  • Our projects

    Create a training and development center

    With 25 years of activity in Goma, and 5.000 beneficiaries per year, En Avant les Enfants has the ambition to develop a second 2.5 ha plot of land in Goma based on a first successful experience, received in 2019. It will become a training center and a hub of income generating activities for the benefit of 500 families: agronomic and beekeeping training centre, community vegetable garden, nursery, orchard, literacy and sewing workshops, multisport field.

    EALE’s mission is to promote and animate sustainable development projects for the benefit of mothers and children in Goma, so that each of them can become autonomous, an actor of change and peace. EALE aims to promote access to food and housing, support education and training, and encourage solidarity and the sharing of experience.

  • Our projects

    Financing 10 young companies in Kivu

    Kivu Kick Starter wants to finance 10 start-ups in Goma and Bukavu. This funding will create 30 quality formal jobs and contribute to the development of the region’s economic structures.

    KKS‘s mission: to contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction by promoting access to credit for very small, small and medium-sized enterprises in North and South Kivu by providing a financial guarantee to cover part of the risk of the bank’s loans to young entrepreneurs.

  • Our projects

    Supporting start-ups in Goma

    The Ngangi Fund wants to finance the launch of a start-up accelerator in Goma. This centre will host the most ambitious entrepreneurs in Kivu and support them in their professionalisation and job creation.

    The Ngangi Fund works daily to support the youth of Goma to actively contribute to the development of the city by finding quality formal employment or by creating value-added businesses.

    Over the past five years, the team in Belgium and the team in Goma have continued to professionalise the work of the Fund in order to increase its impact and better respond to the needs of young people in Goma.

  • Our projects

    Training farmers of the Kivu

    Agri-Est wants to set up a training module aimed at acquiring strategic management, record keeping and capitalisation skills for the farming communities it supports. This training will strengthen strategic and operational decision-making skills, with a focus on financing and investment.

    AgriEst is a guarantee fund whose objective is to contribute to agricultural growth by promoting access to credit for agricultural cooperatives and associations in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.